Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Things I am Going to do to Stop Procrastination and Laziness

Last night at youth we heard about the Sluggard that is mentioned in Proverbs , and how each of us as acted like a sluggard at one point or another.
In our small groups we were talking about laziness and also how most of us has a problem with procrastination.
This morning during my devotions I came up with a list of  10 things I am going to do to stop laziness and procrastination in their tracks.

1. Pray!
2. Remember that whatever work I have to do , I must do it to bring honour and glory to God.
3. Read my Bible (  especially the book of Proverbs which talks a lot about the sluggard).
4. I must concentrate on the task I am doing .
5. PROCRASTINATION = STRESS , and I do not like or even want to be stressed!
6. Work is more important than watching TV or Facebook
7. If I am asked to do something , I must stop whatever else I'm doing and do it ( if it is a short-term task), so that once I complete the task I can get back to doing whatever I was doing before I was asked to do the task.
8. Remind myself of the affects of being a sluggard ( annoys people, unreasonable, unreliable , sleeps , makes excuses , thinks they are more wise but they are actually more foolish , also could end up in poverty, a lot more in Proverbs)
9. DO NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON, ( OR  DO NOT TURN OFF THE ALARM CLOCK AND GET BACK INTO BED!) DON'T BE A SLUGGARD!!! ( this is one we discussed in our small groups)
10. I must ask my self this question if I feel a bit of laziness coming on :" As a believer I am supposed to be like Christ, and Christ was never lazy , so why am I ? "

With these 10 things I am sure I will combat laziness!
Bye for now !


  1. Thats really inspiring. I think that is something each of us should take to heart and pray about. Though i do have one problem with that list... I REALLY WANT TO HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON!!!!!!! :P

  2. Gabriella , I also struggle with getting up in the morning , even though my alarm clock I have to physically get up out of bed to turn it off, but even though I have to do that I still end up back in bed. This morning was probably the first morning I actually didn't get back into bed after turning my alarm clock off. As my small group leaders told us last night, that when we get out of bed and we don't hit the snooze button we are not giving into our flesh. And giving into our flesh is not a good thing because when we usually give into our flesh we end up sinning, in this case we prevent ourselves from doing work, even school work, we must do to the honour and glory of God!
    I hope this helps you a bit with your temptation to hit the snooze button an believe I also really want to snooze button too.
    Your friend,
    Janelle L. C.