Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I Learned in Youth: 7 Ways to be A Great Learner! ( based on the book of Proverbs)

Last night at youth was our last Bible study on the book of Proverbs. The guest speaker shared with us 7 ways to be a great learner, based on the book of Proverbs. First he talked about Proverbs 20:18, which says: " Prepare plans by consultation, ( in other words by seeking advice) And make war by wise guidance."
The reason why we don't seek advice is the fact that we are fools!
He then went on with the list of 7 ways to be a great learner:
1. Get curious!
Proverbs 1:1-3
You gotta want it, and you gotta get it!
12:15 : " The way of the fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel."
If we are wise we seek counsel.
Start asking questions!
1:4 - talks about teenagers.
We will gain wisdom once we start acknowledging that we don't know everything.
2. Grow up !
Once we do this, we start the process of gaining wisdom.
3. Fear the Lord!
Proverbs is all about wisdom . Non-Christians also fear God , but their fear is completely different to how we as Christians fear the Lord.
1:7 says it! " The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction."
The more we know about God, the more we fear Him, which is the basis of wisdom.
4. Be humble!
It is not about you.
God owns us.
We don't need to share our wisdom with the whole world!
To be honored, we must first be humble!
5. Listen to your parents!
This means we should listen and obey them whether they are saved or not.
1:8; 1:10; 1:15; 2:1-2; 3:1; 3:11; 3:21; 4:1-4; 4:10; 4:20; 5:1; 5:7; 5:20; 6:1; 6:20; 7:1 etc. All the way through Proverbs.
Have grown up conversations with your parents.
6. Shut your mouth and listen!
7:5 ; Ecclesiastes 10:12-14.
18:13, " He who gives an answer before he hears, It is folly and shame to him."
We mustn't interrupt , we must listen , and pay attention.
7. Look for trouble!
There are 2 main things from this passage:
- If we don't seek trouble - destruction
- If we do seek trouble - reproof.
And we need a lot of reproof!
3:11; 6:23; 13:1; 15:5; 15:12; 15:31; 17:10 etc.
12:1 , "Whoever loves discipline, loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid."
Yes, the Bible says that if we don't like being corrected we are stupid.

Therefore the pathway to wisdom is not easy!

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