Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good Beginnings

This week I decided that instead of watching hours of TV , I was going to limit myself to watch no more than one hour a day . Instead of watching TV I will spend more time doing devotions and praying . I am also only listening to Christian Contemporary music , which has a much a better meaning than most of the world's secular music today!
I have already started reaping some of the benefits of spending more time "with" God. I have noticed that I am not snapping as much at my family as I used to and that once I start reading my Bible I don't want to stop !

A reason why I called this blog Seeking To Be A Teenage Girl After God's Own Heart is that I do want to be a teenage girl after God's Own Heart . The name also comes from a book by Mrs Elizabeth George called A Young Woman After God's Own Heart.

Bye for now !

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