Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I learnt from Psalms 1-10

On Thursday I decided to do a study on the book of Psalms. I managed to get through the first 10 Psalms.
Here are some notes I took on them and how they apply to my life:
Psalm 1:
I must not be friends with the wicked,(for example: Hollywood, etertainment in general, but not all of it there is some entertainment out there that is good.) but this also doesn't mean I can't be friendly to them. I must to meditate on God's Word, if I do this I will produce the fruits of my "labour". I will prosper if I do this. The wicked are condemned. I am to follow the path of righteousness as I will perish if I follow the way of the wicked. (for example: most of today's top entertainment stars.)

Psalm 2:
Mankind takes counsel against the Lord. God mocks those who are evil. 2:7-9 talks about Christ. I am to worship and rejoice God. Those who are unsaved must ask Christ into their hearts so that His wrath for us will fade, and that I can find refuge in Him!

Psalm 3:
It talks about how the Lord prtotects us.
3:8- " This is a broad sweeping, all-inclusive deliverance, whether in the temporal or eternal realm." ( The MacArthur Study Bible) The Lord sustains us. I must not be afraid of mankind as the Lord will deliver me no matter what, whether it means protecting me or taking my life to be with Him in Heaven.

Psalm 4:
Talks about how unbelievers love what is worthless and deceptive. God hears the godly. I must meditate on the His Word. I must trust the Lord at all times. God alone keeps me safe from harm and gives me peace.

Psalm 5:
God hates evil, no evil dwells in Him. He hates boasting and troublemakers as well as murderers. Believers experience His lovingkindness. God can choose to take an evil man's life, actually anyone's life. God blesses and shields those who are righteous.

Psalm 6:
The Lord rebukes me when I anger Him, usually in the form of someone whom I have sinned against or is an authority. The Lord is gracious to me. He can heal us, but sometimes He doesn't as our death is all a part of His plan and His plan might be helping someone through that. The Lord loves me and He won't let my soul go weary if I follow Him, and don't sin. Sinners don't give Him thanks now, so therefore in hell there will be no thanks given to God. God listens to my prayers and my tears if I just let Him.

Psalm 7:
The Lord is my only true Protection. God does allow things to happen to me when I don't follow Him. Also when we disobey or choose the wrong path I experience the consequences and ultimately I need to go through that in order to learn that that is wrong. God is a righteous and just God. He is my sheild, He saves the righteous. I must give Him thanks and praises for all He does for me.

Psalm 8:
All of nature that I see was made and hand-crafted by God. He is the ultimate, most awesome Artist of all time! He crafted and moulded and shaped everything in nature and the universe! God thinks highly of us as He put mankind as overseers of His creation. His Name is truly majestic in all the earth, whether it is in the forests, cities, mountains, deserts and seas!

Psalm 9:
I must give thanks to God with all my heart. I must sing His praises, I must tell others of His wonders. I must exalt Him! Sinners will perish. God is the ultimate Judge. God can destroy nations and blot out their names forever. ( Read the book of Joshua)
The Lord is eternal! He judges righteously. The Lord is my Safehouse in my times of trouble. If I know Him, I must put my trust in Him, He will not forsake me if i seek Him. I must declare  God's good deeds to the whole world. He does not forget the afflicted. He does not forget the needy. He gives me hope. I must fear the Lord.

Psalm 10:
Sinners boast and those who are greedy curse God. They thin that there is no God. God does not forget those going through hard times. God helps those in need. The Lord is the Almighty, Most Holy, King of Kings! The Lord strenthens and hears the heart of the humble. There will come a day when there willbe no more evil to cause terror in the earth.

I hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to share more about what I am learning from the book of Psalms.

Bye for now!

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