Thursday, April 14, 2011

What I learnt from Psalms 11-15

This is a continuation of my study on the book of Psalms and how it applies to me that I started last Thursday .

Psalm 11:
God is my Refuge. Those who are wicked hate believers. It also talks about temptation and how I can, will, and have been tempted. If I allow the devil to succeed, my foundation in Christ is destroyed. God tests my faith in order to make it stronger. God does not like the ungodly. verse 6 talks about the judgement of the wicked. I must have righteousness as God is righteous and He loves righteousness.

Psalm 12:
Those who are godly are rare. There are those who say they are godly yet they still live in the world. God does not like flattery, especially if it is false flattery. The ungodly do not see their own wrongs. God will keep me safe. Everything about God is pure, while I am impure. The ungodly are the pretenders.

Psalm 13:
If I sin and continue to sin ultimately God will give me over to that sin ( see Romans 1:24-32). But if I acknowledge and abandon my sin, God will forgive me. God can take my life from me me when He so chooses. I must put all my trust in Him. I must rejoice in His salvation. I must worship Him.

Psalm 14:
Those who don't believe in Christ are foolish. Those who do wrong to the believers and do not repent of their wrongdoing must be in dread of the Lord. God is my refuge.

Psalm 15:
I believe in Christ therefoe I have become a citizen of Heaven. As a citizen of Heaven , I must not have anything bad come out of my mouth. I must do evil to anyone. I mujst not shun my friends. I must honor those who fear the Lord, and I must also honor authority even if they are not believers. I must not swear oathes that I can not keep. I must not take bribes against others.

I am looking forward to sharing more about what I am learning from God's Word in the coming weeks, months and Lord willing , years.

Bye for now

Janelle L. C

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